Too big, Too Small? What Sizes do Shipping Containers Come in?


Shipping Containers are a very versatile structure, coming in all different sizes. The average shipping containers you see in depots around the world are usually the standard 20′ and 40”s, but the truth is you can get containers in almost any size.

Most manufactures usually don’t promote the fact that they can build non standard equipment built to the customers specification, this can be done, but the customer should consider that as with any industry there is likely to be a premium to pay when building anything that is non standard. Also the customer should consider issues with regarding transportation of that equipment from the place of manufacture to the customers location, especially for over sized equipment.

Here at Multiboxx, we can make any size container between the sizes of 6ft and 53ft in length and the standard 8′ width, we can also produce the wider Pallet wide containers. However increasing the width any more than 2.55 m wide can lead to issues when trying to transport the container. Non standard containers will have to be shipped empty and if they are oversized may have to take up more than one slot on the vessel which of course will increase the cost of shipping that container.

We remain committed to finding the best and most cost effective solution of shipping non standard containers world wide.

10FT CONTAINER DIMENSIONSLength: 10ft / 3.05m
Width: 8ft / 2.44m
Height: 8ft 6ins / 2.59m
Internal Length: 9ft 2ins / 2.33m
Internal Width: 7ft 7ins / 2.33m
Internal Height: 7ft 9ins
Weight: 1.5 tons / 1.52 tons
Floor Area: 72 sqft / 6.69m2
Cubic Capacity: 560 cu ft / 15.89m2
20FT CONTAINER DIMENSIONSLength: 20ft / 6.06m
Width: 8ft / 2.44m
Height: 8ft 6ins / 2.59m
Internal Length: 19ft 3ins / 5.87m
Internal Width: 7ft 7ins / 2.33m
Internal Height: 7ft 9ins
Weight: 2.4 tons / 2.4 tons
Floor Area: 150 sqft / 13.93m2
Cubic Capacity: 1160 cu ft  / 32.85m2
40FT CONTAINER DIMENSIONSLength: 40ft / 12.19m
Width: 8ft / 2.44m
Height: 8ft 6ins / 2.59m
Internal Length: 39ft 4ins / 12m
Internal Width: 7ft 7ins / 2.33m
Internal Height: 7ft 9ins
Weight: 4 tons / 4.06 tons
Floor Area: 305 sqft / 28.33m2
Cubic Capacity: 2360 cu ft  / 66.83m2

Web Shop

Multiboxx is introducing a web-shop for our regular customers.

It is a members only section where traders can log in and receive discounted prices.

You can check availability of size, type and colour, in real time for your location and purchase containers directly on line.

Inbound units can also be viewed in the web-shop and customers can pre-order units.

Depending upon the delivery location we can then organise direct delivery to the customer