Superiscopio: Brazil Architect Builds Super Large Periscope From Shipping Containers

Cargotecture — an apt name for structures creatively made from cargo containers, has been the buzzword of late. Thanks to the transformation of decommissioned shipping containers and transforming them into things other than dwellings, the trend continues to catch on.

Brazilian architect Pedro Barata has transformed an old, retired shipping container into something that has not been done before: a 41-feet tall super large periscope that’s arguably the biggest in the world, built in a little over a month at a budget of $5,580, that allows viewers some long-distance peeping. Far ahead and its designated target is a view of Lagoa Santa, a maritime feature located in a town of the same name and obscured by natural and man-made features.

The oversized optical instrument has its top and bottom cut and its interior painted black and installed two large mirrors at 45 degree angle using a wooden framework and mimics like a milk carton package sittting upright. Initially planned to be removed, locals have became enamored with the lake-viewing apparatus that it is reportedly staying put as the town’s permanent fixture and attraction that could draw tourists.

Photo: Osvaldo Castro, Fabio Cansado

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