8′ Container

8 Foot Shipping Containers for Sale

Whether your transporting a small amount of product or need secure storage at your worksite, these units are the ideal choice. Multiboxx is a respected Hong Kong company producing and selling wide selection of containers to suit the needs of a diverse clientele. We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of each of our units and have carefully built a reputation as a trusted provider to businesses around the world seeking quality intermodal containers.

Our 8 foot models are no exception and are built to provide years of reliable service. These are our smallest model and are extremely affordable without any compromise on Multiboxx’s adherence to thorough inspection and grading in accordance with strict international and in-house quality standards.

Ideal for a range of applications

Our 8 foot containers offer a number of advantages to users, foremost of all being portability. Pre-equipped with forklift pockets, these units have a tare weight of less than a metric tonne, allowing even smaller model forklifts to carry them when empty.

The carrying capacity of nearly 10,000 litres means ample internal storage in a smaller profile. This makes it ideal for use as on-site storage during a construction project. Multiboxx provides these models in a variety of standard colours including Blue RAL 5013/5010 and Grey RAL 7042 and in a number of configurations including high-cube and double-door, to suit your unique circumstances, pre-affixed with your company’s prefix, logo and CSC plate and equipped with a high-security lock box.

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Discuss your needs with our representatives today and let us find a unit that meets your requirements. Offering 10, 20 and 40 foot models, we provide a comprehensive range for businesses across Asia-Pacific and around the world.

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