Shipping Container Towers to Solve India’s Overcrowding Woes

Another novel idea of erecting two shipping container is being proposed by a Spanish architecture firm to solve one of the largest slums in the world.

CRG Architecture Consultants’ proposal to build a ‘containerscraper’ — a collection of 2,500 recycled shipping containers — at Mumbai’s Dharavi​ slums has been put forward. If built, a structure 400 meters over Mumbai and an adjacent to it would stand 200 meters high. This affordable accommodation can handle more than 1,500 families.

“The irregular shape of the site gives us total freedom to design,” the company said.

The propsal was awarded third prize by the SuperSkyScrapers competition, whose brief was to create the affordable residential solutions in the area notorious for its lack of infrastructure and adequate sanitation.

The design of CRG’s towers is both aesthetic and functional, enabling the even distribution of the containers and allows wind to flow through and cool down the structures. By pivoting the containers, the windows face away from prying neighbors.

One single unit, equipped with air-conditioning and grey and black water recycling system, can be subdivided into smaller studion flats, while three containers could be joined to form a three-bedroom family residence. To deal with soaring temperature, some containers are converted to large water tanks while others function as vertical gardens.

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