Shipping Container Homes Selling on Amazon

Amazon’s hidden message behind its logo suggests it sells items from A to Z, as indicated by the arrow connecting those letters which also doubles as a smile symbol. It’s pretty accurate, knowing that from humble beginnings selling books, it is now virtually peddling everything you can think of, including bizarre items like glow in the dark toilet paper  and face slimmer.

As of 2015, Amazon sells 480 million items in the United States, expanding by 235 million over the previous 16 months.

But Amazon is not only Amazon selling items it can deliver in its ubiquitous brown packaging via drones or conventional means. It also is entering the multi-billion dollar lucrative real estate business, by including shipping container houses in its virtual shopping mall.

MODS International sells tiny, pre-fabricated homes which impressively include a bedroom, toilet, shower, sink, kitchenette and living area within each 320-square-foot unit. The homes also feature double French-style doors, and plenty of windows throughout, reports Curbed.

Each unit is fully insulated, heated- and air-conditioned home is ready for sewer, water and electrical connections.

But unlike shipping container homes reincarnated from sea-borne transport systems, Amazon listing for MODS is constructed from a brand new shell. This simplistic yet decent piece of housing fits well for debt-conscious millenials or downsizing baby boomers; retail price is US$36,000 apiece, plus the US$4,500 price tag to ship the 7,500-pound structure.

So if you’re keen on getting one, but not ready to fork such money, it doesn’t hurt to mark the item in your Amazon wishlist for your future virtual shopping cart transaction.

Web Shop

Multiboxx is introducing a web-shop for our regular customers.

It is a members only section where traders can log in and receive discounted prices.

You can check availability of size, type and colour, in real time for your location and purchase containers directly on line.

Inbound units can also be viewed in the web-shop and customers can pre-order units.

Depending upon the delivery location we can then organise direct delivery to the customer