How Much Can You Fit in a Storage Container?

Shipping containers are efficient handlers of goods but how much can each 20 foot container handle? For every storage container measuring 8′ x 8′ x 20′ that has a capacity of 61, 289 lbs, it can accommodate the following:

  • 168 NASCAR tires
  • 1,021 60-lb bags of cement
  • 1,512 cases of 12-ounce soda
  • 3,962 wooden boards with dimension of 2x4x8 inches
  • 7,344 gallons of water
  • 7,816 reams of paper
  • 12,580 5-lb boxes of 2.5″ nails
  • 486,799 grade “A” eggs
  • 37,976,526 size #1 paper clips!


Web Shop

Multiboxx is introducing a web-shop for our regular customers.

It is a members only section where traders can log in and receive discounted prices.

You can check availability of size, type and colour, in real time for your location and purchase containers directly on line.

Inbound units can also be viewed in the web-shop and customers can pre-order units.

Depending upon the delivery location we can then organise direct delivery to the customer